The big mis­take is to avoid the call of God


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Frank Perkins de­cided, for rea­sons best known to him, to set a new record for squat­ting at the top of a pole. He chose a flag pole in Cal­i­for­nia for his record-break­ing ven­ture. He was de­ter­mined to perch there for 400 days. How­ever, life on the ground changed quite a bit while Frank squat­ted on high. First, the firm spon­sor­ing him went broke. Then his girl­friend went off with an­other man. When Frank fi­nally made his de­scent, he found his phone and elec­tric­ity had been cut off. That wasn’t all; he was still two days short of the world record.

Some­times peo­ple do strange things that both en­dan­ger their lives and the lives of oth­ers. Like the two bick­er­ing French­men who de­cide to set­tle their dif­fer­ences with a duel but not in the ac­cepted style of the 19th cen­tury. They chose to fight with blun­der­busses from hot air bal­loons. Si­mul­ta­ne­ous shots brought down both bal­loons, killing both men.

Th­ese are mis­takes which are ex­treme. Yet we are all prone to make blun­ders and to get things wrong some­times. No-one can say that they are per­fect - noone can say that they have never sinned. Even Peter who de­nied he knew Je­sus was the per­son upon whom God chose to build his church. The won­der­ful thing about life with Je­sus is that we can have the ab­so­lute as­sur­ance of the for­give­ness of our sins as we come to him in faith and ask for for­give­ness. Some­times peo­ple say to me that they are be­yond the love which God gives – that they are not good enough. Well, you can never be good enough! Je­sus came to call sin­ners to re­pen­tance and that is pre­cisely peo­ple like you and me.

The mis­take is to ig­nore God’s call!

Canon Stephen Brad­berry

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