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Fear flats would overshadow park


- By LISA HASELDINE lisa.haseldine@reachplc.com @lisa_haseldine

NEW flats will be built next to a park in West London despite complaints from more than 500 residents. Planning permission to build 24 apartments next to Acton Park was granted by Ealing Council last week.

The apartments, a portion of which will be affordable housing, will also look onto Acton Central station and the accompanyi­ng railway line. According to documents submitted to the council on behalf of developer Westgreen Property Investment LLP, the tower block will be five storeys high and contain a mixture of one-, two- and threebedro­om apartments.

The decision was taken by the council to grant permission for the developmen­t to go ahead despite objections from 545 residents to the proposals.

Writing on Ealing Council’s website, residents voiced their concerns that the planned tower block would encroach on Acton Park next door and prevent visitors from enjoying it properly.

One resident wrote: “This is a big deal – it robs us of a local safe haven, a quiet residentia­l park that is much loved by the community. This developmen­t will tower over the station and trees, block light to the park and will overlook areas where our children play!”

Another resident said: “This fivestorey building is too close to the park. It will completely change the character of the park.”

A third resident wrote: “This area should be returned to the park and the community for nature. This area does not need a five-storey residentia­l building.

“There’s overdevelo­pment in Acton which is ruining the heritage of the area. The building works will cause disruption in an area already made inaccessib­le with the railway line and will increase pollution. I strongly object.”

The building works are expected to take approximat­ely half a year. It is not known when the work will begin.

A spokespers­on for Westgreen Property Investment LLP said: “Westgreen are pleased to be delivering this high quality, sustainabl­e scheme which is expected to achieve an EPC A rating.

“After significan­t consultati­on with major stakeholde­rs and local residents, we worked through how we could improve the existing consent and ensure this new consent provided better results for locals.

“This included a significan­t commitment during the constructi­on phase, with greater management of deliveries and limits on activity during school drop off, pick up and break time hours.

“We want to thank all members of the local community that gave up their spare time to work with us on the changes, and remain open to discussion­s with locals and neighbours to build on much improved relationsh­ips since the start of the applicatio­n process, which will continue well past the completion of the new building.”

Ealing Council has been contacted for comment.

 ?? PHOTO: EALING COUNCIL ?? The view of the apartments from Acton Park
PHOTO: EALING COUNCIL The view of the apartments from Acton Park

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