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Evil men have brought the nightmare back


AS a child in the Second World War in a boarding school I and several other children of my age were put to bed night after night, head to tail under a stout dining room table, sheltering from German bombs.

We listened to German bombers throbbing overhead and the sound of bombs going off near and far accompanie­d by the sound of antiaircra­ft fire.

You can imagine my feelings as I witness the trials the people of Ukraine are now going through.

For nearly all of my adult life I was an active Reservist keeping an eye on Soviet Russia to deter the Russians from starting another war.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall my generation thought we had put the threat of war behind us.

Now, it seems, the horror has returned, due to the machinatio­ns of evil and misguided men who have managed to rise to power when we allowed our guard to drop.

Those men are guilty of the war crime of “planning, preparatio­n, initiation or waging of a war of aggression” as defined by the Nuremberg Principles.

We must do our best to help the Ukrainians without making the situation worse and we must somehow bring those responsibl­e for their plight to justice.

Anthony J Cooper

by emai

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