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■ Plant summer-flowering bulbs, corms and tubers, such as lilies, cannas, ranunculus and gladioli, into pots or into the ground.

■ Prune hydrangeas, removing old flower heads and cutting back to a healthy pair of buds.

■ Place cardboard collars around brassica veg, such as cabbages and broccoli, to prevent cabbage root fly laying eggs.

■ In the greenhouse, sow seeds of courgette, marrow, pumpkin, aubergine, sweet pepper and sweetcorn.

■ Get any supporting stakes or hoops in the ground now to allow foliage to grow up and

blend them into the garden.

■ If the ground feels warm, you could sow annual seeds such as nigella and larkspur.

■ Plant up hanging baskets with summer bedding, but don’t put them outside just yet.

■ Protect emerging delphinium­s and hostas from slugs and snails. If you use slug pellets, consider ferric phosphate organic pellets.

 ?? ?? Plant summer bulbs now
Plant summer bulbs now

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