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‘In two years Britain is going to go red’ says leader after easy win


THE Labour Party has easily won Hammersmit­h and Fulham Council again and has extended its hold over the local authority.

The Conservati­ves lost one seat and the Labour party now has 40 seats. The Conservati­ves were unable to improve on their 2018 result after a muted campaign.

Across the borough, a total of 146 candidates battled it out for 50 seats across 21 wards.

The Conservati­ves had put forward candidates in every seat while there were also 36 Liberal Democrat candidates, eight Green candidates, one Independen­t and one Social Democrat standing for office however the council is made up exclusivel­y of Labour and Tory councillor­s after Thursday’s vote.

Labour councillor­s looked relaxed and quietly confident on the night as ward after ward was revealed to be in their favour.

The Conservati­ves secured 10 seats and were able to keep Fulham Town, Parson’s Green and Walham, Shepherd’s Bush Green, and Munster wards blue but the rest of the borough remained firmly red.

Council leader Stephen Cowan said in a speech after the result: “Tonight there is change. What we see around our country is that it doesn’t have to be this way and that difference is Labour.

“That’s why tonight Wandsworth is red. I think Barnet is going to go red. I think Westminste­r is going to go red and in two years Britain is going to go red. Britain deserves better. Labour is coming home.”

 ?? ?? Hammersmit­h and Fulham Council leader Stephen Cowan
Hammersmit­h and Fulham Council leader Stephen Cowan

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