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CLEMATIS MONTANA Also known as mile-a-minute, the Himalayan or mountain clematis is a vigorous, deciduous climber. It’s a great choice when you want quick coverage as it suits most aspects.

It’s a familiar sight at this time of year smothered in blossoms – usually pink but I also love the clean white flowers of Alba. Plant with its roots in a shady spot in moisture retentive, well-drained soil.

A mulch of gravel or bits of slate around the stem can help shade the roots. It usually scrambles to climb its support, such as a wall and then sits there on top. This can leave bare stems up the wall so it’s good to use other plants at the base. It also looks lovely wandering through a tree. With clematis it’s a good idea to plant a little deeper than usual so shoots can spring from undergroun­d in case the plant gets clematis wilt and needs to recover.

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