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NATO and the need to stand up to bullies


SO many ex-Soviet states and territorie­s joined NATO in the 1990s and early 2000s because it was the best way to ensure their new-found economic, military and political freedom.

They had suffered more than 45 years of identity loss and suppressio­n under the Soviet empire.

They weren’t enticed into joining NATO, they were hammering on the door to be let in!

NATO’s “expansioni­sm”, as Russia’s friends call it, is a reflection of millions of people’s genuine fear that Putin means them harm. And you know what? He does. Look at what is happening in Ukraine today and has happened in Georgia since 2008.

Look at other non-NATO states in Europe, such as Cyprus, Moldova, Serbia, where the new Russian empire routinely interferes in internal matters.

As I write this, Putin’s army is murdering babies, children, mothers and grandmothe­rs.

If we do not support Ukraine and we allow Putin to succeed there, he will continue westwards.

The only way to beat a bully is by standing up to him. Long live Ukraine! Graham Elliott

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