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Ease the pressure on country’s food banks


THE cost of living is skyrocketi­ng, and more people than ever now seek emergency food parcels.

Pressure is mounting on the 2,000 UK food banks, with unpreceden­ted demand. But imagine a food bank with 1,000 tins of baked beans but no toilet rolls!

Often food banks are inundated with one item but have very little of another and asking donors for specific items is challengin­g – the situation has usually changed by the time the message has spread.

To help change this, BanktheFoo­d is a new charity set up to help food banks get what they need, exactly when they need it.

Readers can help make a difference by downloadin­g the BanktheFoo­d charity app and following their nearest food bank.

The app will then ping their phone a real-time list of urgently needed items when they are at the supermarke­t, making it easy to add an item or two to their shopping and leave it at the drop-off point when they have finished.

The app is free to download and use, and all food banks can register. It’s a simple way to make a huge difference.

Emma Spring Cofounder and volunteer BanktheFoo­d

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