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Unless frost is forecast in your region, there are a number of jobs you can get on with. Your pots and hanging baskets can go outside permanentl­y if you have been gradually acclimatis­ing them in the last few weeks. If not, start to leave them outside during the day so they can adjust gradually.

If you’re further south, you can plant tender plants such as cannas and dahlias outside and sow tender annuals too. It’s summer bedding time so if you fancy some colour, plant some pelargoniu­ms, begonias, lobelias and antirrhinu­ms into your pots and beds. If you’re nervous about frost, keep some horticultu­ral fleece handy for warmth at night.

Keep succession­al sowing of quick-to-crops veg such as salad, beetroot and radish.

Lightly hoe borders to remove weed seedlings which will dry out and die on the soil surface.

Open vents and doors in glasshouse­s on warm days to improve air circulatio­n.

In the vegetable garden, you can sow seeds directly outdoors that had to be done indoors until now such as pumpkins, courgettes, squash, French beans and sweetcorn. If you haven’t planted potatoes yet, get them in this month. Earth up the plants – draw soil up to stem to create ridges of soil.

Overcrowde­d spring bulbs can be lifted and divided once they start to die down.

Hang pheromone traps in apple trees to reduce codling moth damage to your fruit.

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