From feather-light foun­da­tion to jet-black mas­cara, our guide to the best of both worlds

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While cen­turies-old tra­di­tions of rub­bing pearls and bleach­ing agents into the face have moved on, radiance re­mains the num­ber-one skin con­cern in East Asia, ac­cord­ing to a global beauty re­port by Shi­seido. East Asian skin ages more slowly than Euro­pean skin, but is more likely to suf­fer from sun hy­per­sen­si­tiv­ity, trig­ger­ing me­lanin pro­duc­tion and thus dark spots. Serums and lo­tions that reg­u­late pig­ment, and that in­clude vi­ta­min C, gly­colic and sal­i­cylic acids, plus trust­wor­thy sun fil­ters, are ex­tremely pop­u­lar. These prod­ucts are also help­ful for any­one with con­cerns about pig­men­ta­tion and sun dam­age.

EYE MAKE-UP es­sen­tials

Many East Asian women ob­serve that shop­ping for mas­cara in the UK is chal­leng­ing. Euro­pean for­mu­las tend to be loaded with heavy con­di­tion­ing agents, which prove too heavy for fine lashes. In­stead, look for water­proof or smudge-proof mas­caras, which are of­ten lighter. Although rare, jet-black mas­cara will com­ple­ment dark hair tones bet­ter, while of­fer­ing more im­pact on shorter, straighter lashes. Suqqu, Ben­e­fit and Eyeko have ex­cel­lent

shades beyond dark brown.

THE LAY­ERED ap­proach

East Asian women are among the high­est spenders on beauty in the world, with South Korea top­ping the poll, ac­cord­ing to Min­tel. The multi-step ri­tual is deep-rooted in the re­gion’s beauty cul­ture, where a porce­lain com­plex­ion once meant wealth and noble sta­tus.

To­day, women still layer up to 15 lightweight lo­tions and eas­ily ab­sorbed serums in pur­suit of ‘milk skin’, with as many as 75 per cent of Chi­nese con­sumers sleep­ing in a face mask. Mean­while, ev­ery­one can ben­e­fit from the an­cient art of fa­cial mas­sage with a cool jade roller, or ‘Gua Sha’ tool, which boosts cir­cu­la­tion and drains the lymph nodes.

THE BEST foun­da­tions

The lightweight tex­tures found in East Asian skincare and make-up were born out of a need to pro­vide so­lu­tions for high tem­per­a­tures and hu­mid­ity ac­cord­ing to L’Oréal. En­vi­ron­ment aside, the more feath­er­like a foun­da­tion, the more com­fort­able it is on skin, so it is a con­cept that has adapted to the UK mar­ket ex­tremely suc­cess­fully.

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