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Puzzles General Knowledge Quiz


1. Which witty dramatist and poet wrote the fairy story The Happy Prince?

A George Bernard Shaw B Tennessee Williams

C Oscar Wilde

D Dylan Thomas

2. Who wrote the best-selling books Fever Pitch and High Fidelity?

A Nick Hornby

B Tim Lott

C Laurie Lee

D Tom Clancy

3. Who was Australian PM from 1949-66?

A Sir Robert Menzies B Sir Robert Peel

C Sir Robert Salisbury D Sir Robert Maxwell

4. Which French composer wrote the opera Carmen?

A Puccini

B Dvorak

C Bizet

D Brahms

5. What was Hank’s 12-year-old son called in TV’s King of the Hill? A Hank Junior

B Frank

C Chip

D Bobby

6. Nicola Walker is returning as the titular Scottish detective in a new series of which Alibi crime drama this year?

A Kiri

B Marcella

C Vera

D Annika

7. What was the family name of the owners of the Ponderosa ranch in the US western series Bonanza?

A Cartwright

B Earp

C Cassidy

D Ewing

8. Of which country was Nikita Khrushchev prime minister from 1958 to 1964?

A Soviet Union

B Poland

C Finland

D Norway

9. Who had a number one hit single in 1979 with I Don’t Like Mondays?

A The Boomtown Rats B The Rolling Stones C The Beatles

D The Kinks 10. Which French mathematic­ian discovered the first transcende­ntal number in 1873? A Charles Hermite

B Louis Pasteur

C Honore de Balzac

D Pierre Antoine de Monet

11. Which country did King Wenceslaus II rule over in 12781305?

A Bohemia

B England

C France

D Israel

12. Which former Chancellor of the Exchequer’s middle name was Winston?

A David George

B Douglas Hurd

C Denis Healey

D Norman Lamont

13. Which British publisher founded the Left Book Club?

A Victor Hugo B Victor Gollancz C Victor Meldrew D Victor Polanksi

14. Which former Avengers star appeared in The Upper Hand?

A Honor Thompson B Honor Weston C Honor Bishop D Honor Blackman

15. Which system of alternativ­e medicine was developed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann?

A Homeopathy

B Acupunctur­e

C Aromathera­py

D Hypnosis treatment

 ?? ?? Nicola Walker See Question 6
Nicola Walker See Question 6

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