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Puzzles General Knowledge Quiz


1. Which medieval defensive fortificat­ion stretches for nearly 1500 miles?

A Hadrian’s Wall

B The Great Wall of China C Offa’s Dyke

D The Wall of Constantin­ople

2. Which name was given by Thor Heyerdahl to the balsa wood raft on which he travelled from Peru to the Tuamotu islands?

A Ron-Juko

B Hoko-Poco

C Kon-Tiki

D Coki-Poki

3. Which antipodean wallaby’s ‘Modern Life’ has been a cartoon?

A Rolo B Robbie C Rockie D Rocko

4. In the TV show Knight Rider what was the name of David Hasselhoff’s character?

A James Knight

B Michael Knight

C Frank Knight

D Johnson Knight

5. When was the first modern Olympic Games held?

A 1900

B 1890

C 1896

D 1904

6. Which former winner of the show replaced Claude Littner as Lord Sugar’s adviser on The Apprentice?

A Leah Totton

B Stella English

C Simon Ambrose

D Tim Campbell

7. Who was the British commander at the Battle of Jutland?

A Admiral Kelly

B Admiral Kitchener C Admiral Jellicoe

D Admiral Nelson

8. What name is given to the great epidemic of plague that ravaged medieval Europe?

A Influenza virus B The Black Death C The great sleep D Measles

9. Which cricketer scored his record third World Cup century for Australia in their 1996 quarterfin­al victory against New Zealand? A Shane Warne

B Mathew Waugh

C Mark Waugh

D Troy Warne

10. Which former ‘Goon’ presented Highway on TV?

A Peter Sellers B Spike Milligan C John Cleese D Harry Secombe

11. In which Shakespear­e play does Caliban appear?

A A Midsummer Night’s Dream B Measure for Measure

C King Lear

D The Tempest

12. How did the Nazi Herman Goering finally meet his death in 1946?

A Hung

B Shot

C Poisoned

D Stabbed

13. Which US rock band released an album entitled Nine Lives in 1997?

A Guns and Roses

B Metallica

C Aerosmith

D Slayer

14. What is the usual name for a pelargoniu­m cultivated as a garden plant?

A Pansy

B Daffodil

C Rose

D Geranium

15. Which flying insects belong to the order Lepidopter­a?

A Bluebottle­s B Moths

C Gnats

D Daddy Long Legs

 ?? ?? Claude Littner See Question 6
Claude Littner See Question 6

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