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Puzzles General Knowledge Quiz


1. Who played the title role in Bergerac?

A John Nettles

B Jack Frost

C David Jason

D Robert Carlyle

2. Which word describes the passage of all or part of an astronomic­al body into the shadow of another?

A Ellipsis

B Eradicatio­n

C Eclipse

D Ellow

3. What sort of creature is a puffer?

A A fish

B A mammal C A reptile D An insect

4. Which Greek shipowner married Jackie Kennedy in 1968?

A Dominicus Theossis B Aristotle Onassis C Aristosis Oranthosis D Theosis Aris

5. Which dynasty has ruled the Netherland­s since 1815?

A The House of Orange B The House of Amsterdam C The House of the Tulip D The House of Van Dyck

6. What is the title of the recently released debut album from British singer-songwriter Mimi Webb?

A Amelia

B Mimi Me

C Webbcast

D All About Mimi

7. Who has presented Give Us a Clue and Child’s Play?

A Michael Barrymore B Philip Schofield C Michael Aspel D Bruce Forsyth

8. Which Greek letter denotes the ratio of the circumfere­nce of a circle to its diameter?

A Alpha

B Omega

C Beta

D Pi

9. Which Nobel Prize-winning novelist is best known for And Quiet Flows the Don?

A Mikhail Gorbachev

B Mikhail Kasparov

C Mikhail Salansky

D Mikhail Sholokhov 10. Speleology is the study and exploratio­n of which natural phenomena?

A Waterfalls

B Mountains

C Volcanoes

D Caves

11. Who wrote the ballet Giselle? A Adolphe Adam

B Adam Adelphi

C Adrian Adams

D Adolf Adelphi

12. In which constellat­ion is Regulus the brightest star? A Little Bear

B Southern Cross

C Leo

D Orion

13. What is the usual colour of the flowers of a laburnum?

A Red

B Yellow

C Blue

D Purple

14. How is the salad plant Lactuca sativa commonly known? A Cabbage

B Lettuce

C Broccoli

D Cauliflowe­r

15. Who directed the violent New York gang film The Warriors in 1979?

A Martin Scorsese

B Francis Ford Coppola

C Charles Aidman

D Walter Hill

 ?? ?? Mimi Webb See Question 6
Mimi Webb See Question 6

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