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Start­ing on all fours on a yoga mat, loop a re­sis­tance band around the top of your knees. En­sure your knees are be­low your hips and your hands are be­low your shoul­ders. Set your spine in a neu­tral po­si­tion and draw your shoul­der blades down and back. This is your start­ing po­si­tion. In­hale. Ex­hale. Ex­tend your left leg back and up un­til it’s in line with your spine, en­sur­ing your toes re­main pointed. This is called full horse-kick po­si­tion. In­hale. Lower your leg slightly, then lift your leg back into full horse-kick po­si­tion, en­sur­ing you ini­ti­ate the move­ment from the hip. Re­peat un­til you’ve com­pleted five pulses in to­tal. Ex­hale. Re­peat the pulse for 10 sec­onds be­fore re­peat­ing on the other side for 10 sec­onds.

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