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What it claims: Based on a saliva sam­ple you send off in the post and life­style data gath­ered from their web­site, this ser­vice will out­line a ge­net­i­cally tai­lored work­out plan and nutri­tional guide­lines (based on calo­ries and macros) to help you achieve your fit­ness goal. There are four plans to choose from, whether you’re look­ing to lose weight, get fit, get lean or build mus­cle. cost: The DNA anal­y­sis kit and one week trial costs £129 (Fit­ness­

heat ver­dict: Life­style Ed­i­tor Louise says, “I’d like to think I’m pretty fit, but I was in­ter­ested to see how I could re­ally tar­get my train­ing. The re­sults did take a while to come back, but when they did, I found them re­ally de­tailed. You’ll need to set aside some brain space to prop­erly take in the info as there’s lots of in-depth info about

stuff like fo­lates and hor­mones, which can be bam­boo­zling, but you’ll also find out if your body is more ca­pa­ble of strength, speed or en­durance, which can help you choose a form of ex­er­cise that will work ef­fec­tively for you. Plus they’ll ad­vise you when is the op­ti­mum time for you to ex­er­cise and which pre/post work­out nu­tri­tion will work for you, de­pend­ing on how your body pro­cesses food. You’re also given a work­out plan and nu­tri­tion ad­vice, which will help you put the sci­ence into prac­tice. I found the daily macronu­tri­tion break­down was use­ful to help me eat prop­erly at meal­times and avoid snack­ing. Will this test help you smash your fit­ness goals faster and eas­ier? It cer­tainly gives you the tools to re­ally fo­cus on key ar­eas and gives you a greater un­der­stand­ing of how your body works and re­sponds – per­fect if you’re frus­trated about plateau­ing at the gym.”

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