Dal­ton: ‘I used to think ev­ery­one would hurt me’

He’s bat­tled so much, but Dal­ton Har­ris says he’s here to stay


Afavourite to win the show since day one, Dal­ton Har­ris came from hum­ble be­gin­nings in his home coun­try of Jamaica. Grow­ing up in a one­room house with­out elec­tric­ity or run­ning wa­ter, the 24 year old wanted noth­ing more than to achieve his dream of be­com­ing a singer. Here, he tells us what he has over­come to get to this stage… How happy were you to dis­cover Ch­eryl was a fan? It’s no se­cret that I have the big­gest crush on Ch­eryl. I think she’s mega-tal­ented. And she knows who I am! That’s crazy.

‘It’s no se­cret that I have a big crush on Ch­eryl’

Have your fam­ily been sup­port­ive of your ca­reer? My fam­ily is my two sis­ters – they’re the only fam­ily I have that sup­port me and don’t try to hurt me. I never grew up with the whole fam­ily thing. I wasn’t ac­cepted by my dad’s fam­ily – they thought I wasn’t his kid, so they never sup­ported me. So, it’s just been me and my sis­ters, and they’ve al­ways been proud and be­lieved in me. You speak a lot about men­tal health on In­sta­gram – is that some­thing you’ve strug­gled with in the past? When I was younger, peo­ple would tell me, “You should kill your­self. Nobody wants you.” I was abused in ev­ery sin­gle way. I trav­elled through life with a lack of value in my­self into my teen years. Be­ing home­less, liv­ing with strangers – peo­ple treat you re­ally badly. Ev­ery­thing was re­ally bad. I strug­gled with de­pres­sion. I wasn’t al­ways the best in my head. I was ba­si­cally afraid of hu­man be­ings – I thought ev­ery­one would hurt me. If you speak about hav­ing strug­gles with your head, peo­ple think you’re mad. I knew I had to de­feat it. And I did. I was not go­ing to let peo­ple tell me I should die. Has The X Fac­tor helped? Mu­sic has al­ways helped me. I’m do­ing what I love. And ev­ery­body at The X Fac­tor has been so sup­port­ive. As a man, I know it’s not that “manly” to say there were times when I didn’t want to be alive, but there are a lot of peo­ple that struggle with those kind of feel­ings. You need to get up ev­ery sin­gle day and know the per­son who you are is fine for you. Live your life the best way you can – if you can’t do that, you’ll never make any­body else happy. What is your re­la­tion­ship with Louis like? He’s been so much more than a men­tor. He takes care of me like no one else. I’ll def­i­nitely stay in con­tact with him af­ter the show. Yes, he’s a big star and ev­ery­thing, but he’s a per­son first. He’s al­most at the house too of­ten – he’s just there for me.

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