Vic­to­ria and David Beck­ham’s lat­est bar­ney: to buy the kids ten­nis courts or not?

More cracks are ap­pear­ing in the Beck­hams’ mar­riage

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Grow­ing up in a fam­ily like the Beck­hams, their kids are prob­a­bly used to a lav­ish treat or two. But we’re told David and Vic­to­ria’s dif­fer­ing at­ti­tudes to treat­ing their chil­dren is caus­ing mas­sive ten­sion in their al­ready dif­fi­cult mar­riage.

“Vic­to­ria is sick to death of David spoil­ing the chil­dren – es­pe­cially his sons – and she’s told him to pack it in,” an in­sider re­veals. “This has been go­ing on for years, but David’s re­cently taken it up a notch. He’s giv­ing Romeo, Brook­lyn and Cruz a small for­tune in pocket money, along with state-of-the-art elec­tron­ics, jew­ellery and clothes, plus he likes to make sure they get VIP treat­ment wher­ever they go.”

David, 43, and his three sons are of­ten spot­ted out at glitzy events, but the real treats come at home. Keen ten­nis player Romeo, 16, was re­cently gifted a £30,000 ten­nis court, built at the fam­ily’s Cotswolds prop­erty. Brook­lyn, 19, has been pic­tured driv­ing around Lon­don in a clas­sic MG sports car – with an es­ti­mated cost of at least £30,000. Cruz doesn’t miss out on David’s splurges ei­ther – the 13-year-old was re­cently pic­tured rock­ing a Gucci shirt, which re­tails at al­most £2,000.

But our source tells us

‘This has been a prob­lem for an ex­tremely long time’

that Vic­to­ria – who’s also mum to seven-year-old Harper – is not a fan of David’s splurges on the boys. “Vic­to­ria’s al­ways been big on mak­ing the kids work for what they get. It makes her feel un­com­fort­able when David just hands ev­ery­thing to them on a plate. Things have been very bad be­tween them re­cently and David has spent a lot of time away from home, and this is his way of mak­ing it up to them. But Vic isn’t keen – she doesn’t think it’s a good idea.”

David’s ab­sence seems to be a large fac­tor in the ten­sions be­tween him and his wife, and hav­ing him swoop back into fam­ily life ready to spoil the kids with gifts and ex­pe­ri­ences can be dis­rup­tive to the nor­mal­ity that Vic­to­ria tries to im­ple­ment.

“This has been a prob­lem for an ex­tremely long time and it’s a real stick­ing point for them,” we’re told. “David is used to liv­ing the high life and he loves noth­ing more than giv­ing his sons a taste of that. It’s not like he’s de­lib­er­ately try­ing to spoil them, but he re­ally gets a kick out of be­ing seen as the ul­ti­mate cool dad and would do any­thing to make the kids happy. They love go­ing to events with him

and be­ing treated like roy­alty.”

Vic­to­ria, 44, has pre­vi­ously en­cour­aged Brook­lyn’s photography, as she is ea­ger for him to carve out his own ca­reer. Her el­dest son even re­port­edly had a job in a cof­fee shop at the age of 16 rather than re­ceive a reg­u­lar al­lowance from his par­ents. But now it seems things have changed and we’re told it’s one of the many things Vic­to­ria and David can’t see eye to eye on at the mo­ment. “Even though their chil­dren are grow­ing up in ex­treme lux­ury, Vic­to­ria wants them to un­der­stand how lucky they are in­stead of ex­pect­ing spe­cial treat­ment ev­ery­where they go. As their mum, she will al­ways make sure that they’re fi­nan­cially taken care of and have a roof over their heads, but she doesn’t think they should be get­ting new clothes and gad­gets ev­ery week.”

These ma­jor dif­fer­ences be­tween David and Vic­to­ria are nat­u­rally caus­ing stress on their mar­riage, as Posh has al­ways em­pha­sised the im­por­tance of the “fam­ily unit”. In her re­cent Vogue in­ter­view – the one where David fa­mously didn’t ap­pear with the rest of the fam­ily on the cover – she said, “We are much stronger, the six of us, than we would be if we were in­di­vid­u­als. We re­spect that fam­ily bond and that is key.”

It seems that the way in which they treat their chil­dren has be­come yet an­other di­vi­sion in David and Vic­to­ria’s mar­riage. “They don’t seem to be on the same page about any­thing,” the in­sider says. “They have dif­fer­ent out­looks – her point is that David should be putting the fam­ily first, while he says it is his first pri­or­ity, but that doesn’t mean the rest of his life has to stop. She’s ac­cus­ing him of be­ing a dif­fer­ent man these days, say­ing the old David would put on a united front with her. His re­sponse is usu­ally just to storm out of the room – they don’t seem to be able to have a civil con­ver­sa­tion about it, as it’s too en­tan­gled in all their other prob­lems. Their clashes over par­ent­ing have ex­posed the cracks in their mar­riage. Vic­to­ria feels David doesn’t even try to lis­ten to her con­cerns, whereas he feels that she’s mak­ing too much of it.”

Fans of the cou­ple have re­cently been spec­u­lat­ing that they may be headed to­wards di­vorce af­ter David was re­ported to have parted ways with Brand Beck­ham man­ager Si­mon Fuller, who still man­ages Vic­to­ria. As heat has pre­vi­ously re­ported, Vic­to­ria has “thought about that sce­nario” and would nat­u­rally be fo­cused on the well­be­ing of the chil­dren. We’re told, “Vic would want to co-par­ent with David, and for the chil­dren to know that they would stand to­gether as par­ents and make all the big de­ci­sions to­gether.”

Of course, it seems the cou­ple are try­ing to make their mar­riage work for now, but this lat­est cri­sis ap­pears to have hit them hard. “Be­fore, tough times brought them to­gether in the end, but this time it’s like they’re be­ing driven apart. Vic has had enough of David ig­nor­ing her wishes and has told him things need to change where the kids are con­cerned. But with the way that things have been go­ing be­tween them lately, peo­ple aren’t ex­pect­ing David to do what she tells him.” n Katie Hol­loway

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