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Harry and Meghan are moving on from their recent dramas with a massive party. H8-ers not invited

They’re waving goodbye to the past with a big old knees-up


Their transition from renegade royals to Hollywood A-listers is almost complete: they’ve got the California mansion, the multimilli­on-dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify, and a sensationa­l record-breaking Oprah interview to boot. So, really, there’s only one thing left to do before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fully cement themselves as the new King and Queen of Hollywood – and that’s throw a celebrator­y do.

According to our sources, the Sussexes aren’t letting the drama of the past month get them down – instead, they’re planning to mark this new chapter in their lives properly. And if the party’s anything like their wedding, it’ll have one hell of a guest list. “Harry and Meghan have definitely toughened up over the past year,” says an insider close to the couple, who caused a huge controvers­y last month, after sitting down with Oprah Winfrey for that tell-all chat. “Their way of handling all the stress and negativity these days is to speak up for themselves, then focus on the positive things in their lives, both work-wise and socially. Like everyone else, they’ve been hugely restricted from seeing their friends as often as they’d like, but with lockdown easing in California, they can finally start making plans for the summer. Throwing a party will be a big nod to their newfound freedom in the US. The likes of Oprah, the Clooneys, the Obamas, and Beyoncé and Jay Z will all be invited.”

By all accounts, last month’s Oprah interview – in which Meghan claimed she’d encountere­d racism within the royal family and also spoke about her mental health struggles while living in the UK – was a watershed moment for the couple, especially as it coincided with the end of their year-long Megxit review. Now

‘They’re determined to celebrate this’

that Harry’s been officially stripped of his military titles and patronages – and has since announced his new gig as chief impact officer at mental health start-up Betterup – sources say they’re both readier than ever to move on. But, make no mistake, when you’ve got A-list friends to impress, you don’t just buy some Costco party platters and call it a day.

“Their garden in Montecito, is gorgeous, with plenty of space for people to mill around and sip Champagne,” says our source. “It’ll have a good mix of British and American culture, such as croquet and cricket alongside hot dogs and beers, plus some fireworks. They’ll probably hire an entertaine­r to keep the kids occupied. They have Archie – who’s two in May – and so many of their friends have little ones, too. There’s the Clooney twins, Beyoncé and Jay Z’s three children, and Serena Williams’ toddler Alexis. The actual logistics and exact date are still being worked out – right now they’re just asking about their friends’ availabili­ty and looking into catering and entertainm­ent, but they’re determined to embrace this moment and celebrate.”

As far as Harry and Meghan are concerned, they have a lot to celebrate. Despite the lingering tension with Harry’s family, it’s fair to say they’ve both landed on their feet since arriving in California. Their second child, a daughter, is due at the end of spring – with Meghan rumoured to be planning a home birth – and they’re keen to wave goodbye to all the dramas of Megxit and prove that they’re happier than ever and ready to party.

“They want people to know they’re excited about the future,” we’re told. “The only way is up, as far as they’re concerned. And what better way to celebrate their baby news and newfound independen­ce than among their closest friends in their beautiful home?” n

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