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Laura Whitmore wants to juggle a newborn and presenting the new series of Love Island. Hero

She’s got to juggle parenting and hosting duties


When we see a bunch of lithe singletons drinking fizz out of opaque flutes, we’ll know that nature has finally healed itself. Love Island will have returned. And in even better news, it was reported last week that the show will be almost back to normal this year, as it will film in Majorca.

Laura Whitmore and husband Iain Stirling are also both back on board for hosting and narrating duties respective­ly, but this time they’ll have an extra helper, after the arrival of their daughter last month. A source tells heat Laura and Iain are already figuring out how they’re going to juggle the show with parenting.

“Having a new baby while working is not going to be easy but Laura is determined that she can do both and with Love Island being confirmed in Majorca, her and the baby will likely have to be based there because of travel rules, meaning she can’t fly back and forth,” our source says. “But thankfully for her Iain also works on the show so he’ll be there all the time and they can have their own family bubble and really do some bonding.”

Laura, 35, recently joked, “I’ll slo-mo with the baby under my arm… I don’t think that would work,” adding that she and Iain are “very lucky that we never even work the same days and times on that show, we never actually work together. We have different schedules, and I’m really happy to live in 2021 where, I think, women can work and have a family and have that support and I feel quite supported that way.”

Sadly though, it seems unlikely that the couple – who married last year – will be able to have a roster of friends on babysittin­g duties out in Majorca with them, but Laura’s mum is hoping to help them out.

“It will be hard as Laura won’t really be able to see her other friends and family as it’s looking more and more likely foreign holidays will not be allowed by then. But Laura is hoping her mum will be able to join them and be part of her support bubble as obviously both her and Iain will be working. It’s going to be tough, but Laura is sure she can handle it and there are worse places to be stuck than Majorca in the summer.”

We’re all ready for a show like Love Island to bring some joy back into our lives, as Laura said recently, “You turn on the news and it can be quite negative, and we need to have the light and the shade in life. And I think there is lots of light and fun on Love Island.” n

‘Laura is determined she can do both’

‘Coleen wants to get back to being her best self’

Imagine telling a prepandemi­c Coleen Rooney that she would soon be facing a year of zero parties and barely any holidays – she’d have either cried or laughed in your face. So, you’d better believe that the 34 year old is itching with anticipati­on as 21 June draws nearer, when lockdown is set to be fully lifted in England and we’re finally allowed to socialise again. According to insiders, the famed WAG has decided that, with restrictio­ns on holidays still unclear, she’s instead going to focus on her other pastime – throwing the ultimate do. And with her husband Wayne and their four boys – Kai, 11, Klay, seven, Kit, five, and three-year-old Cass – all due to have moved into their brand-new mega-mansion by then, she has extra cause for celebratio­n. But there’s another reason why she is pulling out all the stops to make this the best party ever – she has a certain point to prove as to who’s still queen bee in the war of the WAGS.

“They are finally moving into their new house in the next few weeks,” says an insider close to Coleen and Wayne, who started work on the £20m Cheshire pad – which sits on 40 acres of land and has its own fishing lake, orangery and football pitch – over 18 months ago. “Coleen is determined to be the first one in with a party and make it one to remember. They’ve already sent a save the date and have organised the entire thing – the events team, the catering, the music. They’re going all out and are happy to spend £100k to make it the party to end all parties.”

While Coleen is practicall­y synonymous with exotic vacays, she’s equally known for her love of a knees-up. Who can forget her circus-themed 21st birthday party at Thornton Manor in 2007, which had stilt walkers dressed as swans greeting guests as they arrived? Or her equally lavish 30th do, which saw her hire out a posh restaurant for her friends and family, while wearing a custom-made dress? And then, of course, there was their fairy-tale Italian wedding, with a surprise appearance from Westlife, no

less. Clearly, the star has certain standards when it comes to entertaini­ng, and we’re told, “She’s determined to make up for all the missed birthdays, events and holidays over the past year.”

Still, the extra impetus is undeniable – and that’s reclaiming her position as number-one WAG. As we all know, Coleen is still locked in a legal battle against Rebekah Vardy, almost 18 months after she accused “Rebekah Vardy’s account” of leaking stories about her, which Becky

strongly denies and she’s now suing Coleen for libel. In the meantime, Becky has been upping her star power, posing for glamorous photo shoots and showing off her moves on Dancing On Ice. According to our source, Coleen is determined to separate herself from all the drama, and instead remind everyone why she has always been top WAG.

“Coleen hasn’t had the greatest few months and wants to get back to being her best self,” our source says. “Anyone who’s anyone will be there, including all her fellow WAGS from her heyday, like Alex Gerrard, Abbey Clancy and even the Beckhams. She hates that she’s still involved in the drama with Rebekah as that’s not what she’s about. This is what she wants the party to communicat­e, that she’s still the top of the pile. The house has everything they need – there’s a bar, wine room, cinema, and a big annexe with a nightclub area. She really can’t wait to show it off.” ■

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Just before she popped her sprog
Just before she popped her sprog
 ??  ?? Congrats, Laura and Iain
Congrats, Laura and Iain
 ??  ?? They’ll be moving in soon
They’ll be moving in soon
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? The set-up for Coleen’s circusthem­ed bash
The set-up for Coleen’s circusthem­ed bash
 ??  ?? The pair are ready to party
The pair are ready to party
 ??  ?? Throwback to their raucous wedding in 2008
Throwback to their raucous wedding in 2008
 ??  ?? Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy are invited
Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy are invited
 ??  ?? With fellow WAGS in 2006
With fellow WAGS in 2006
 ??  ?? We’re all missing a night out with the girls and a pornstar martini
We’re all missing a night out with the girls and a pornstar martini

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