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Miley Cyrus has unleashed her wildchild again – and that means drunk-dialling her exes

Somebody hide her phone now!


‘She’s been out most nights and will keep the party going’

We’ve all been there – a few too many gins and we’re scrolling through our phone contacts wondering which ex we should get our flirt on with. And it seems celebs aren’t immune to the same behaviour. An insider close to Miley Cyrus tells us the pop star is looking more and more like 2013 wild Miley these days, and while nights out and parties at her home are fun, they often come with some embarrassi­ng consequenc­es the next morning.

“Miley has really been going for it with her partying recently and, when she’s had a few drinks, she thinks it’s a good idea to contact her exes,” our source explains. “She’s made some rather illadvised drunk dials to the likes of Stella Maxwell, Liam Hemsworth and Cody Simpson. They’ve mostly been ignoring her, especially as the calls come at a certain time of night or early morning. She’s been out most nights and will keep the party going back at her place. Her neighbours in Calabasas must be sick of the music that’s being blasted at all hours, but Miley doesn’t care what anyone thinks.”

Following her divorce from Liam Hemsworth in summer 2019, Miley had a brief fling with reality star Kaitlynn Carter and a ten-month relationsh­ip with singer Cody Simpson, which ended last August, with Miley saying they were “individual­ly just working on ourselves”. She was most recently rumoured to be getting close to 23-year-old British artist Yungblud after the pair were seen together at her Hannah Montana 15th anniversar­y party. And Miley herself has admitted she doesn’t make the most sensible decisions when she’s been drinking.

“I don’t think that everyone has to be sober, everyone has to do what’s best for them,” she has said. “I don’t have a problem with drinking, I have a problem with the decisions I make once I go past that level... I become very impulsive.”

The 28 year old has given up alcohol before, admitting she’s “not a moderation person”, but confessed she started drinking again last year during the pandemic, as she was struggling like lots of people. Now friends say Miley is well and truly back on the party scene. “She’s always been an all-or-nothing type of person,” we’re told. “Only a few weeks ago she was totally sober, drinking green tea and doing yoga – now, she’s back to being the badass rock star who loves to get drunk and is encouragin­g everyone around her to party with her.”

Maybe she should just hand her phone over to them to save her from The Fear the next morning? n

 ??  ?? Tongues out with Stella Maxwell in 2015
Liam: “She’s blocked”
Tongues out with Stella Maxwell in 2015 Liam: “She’s blocked”
 ??  ?? Did she send Cody this pic?
Did she send Cody this pic?
 ??  ??
 ??  ??

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