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Alice: ‘Will their dad ever come back?’

Heartbroke­n actress speaks out


She was seen deep in conversati­on last week with fellow Brit-inhollywoo­d Lady Victoria Hervey, but Alice Evans isn’t just sharing her divorce woes with her friends – once again, the devastated star has been updating followers on social media, revealing that her two daughters “cry every day”.

After announcing on Twitter that her husband of 20 years, actor Ioan Gruffudd, was leaving her back in January and claiming he “mentally tortured” her, Alice commented on a recent article questionin­g how her daughters, aged 11 and seven, would be feeling with all the attention.

The 49 year old responded, “They have no idea what is in the press about their parents and probably never will,” going on to add, “You know what they ARE upset about though? That their Dad walked out and abandoned them out of the blue. Without explanatio­n. Yes that’s what they cry about every day. Will their Dad ever come back and play in the pool or the yard with them? Will they ever have a family again?” Several days later, however, Alice apologised for the strength of her words, admitting that her girls were doing “much better than I would have imagined”. The actress has said she doesn’t care about the criticism she’s received for being so vocal, as not only is she “lucky enough to possess the gene that enables me to not give a shit about what people think of me”, but she also wants “the millions of women going through the same thing” to know they are not alone. n

 ??  ?? Alice and Lady V last week
Alice and Lady V last week
 ??  ?? Ioan and the girls
Ioan and the girls

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