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BOY NO.3 for Kimberley

She’s almost got enough for a five-a-side


Kimberley Walsh joked last week that she could start her own boyband, after revealing that she is expecting her third baby boy. The former Girls Aloud star already has Bobby, six, and Cole, four, with husband Justin Scott, and said she was so excited to discover they’ll be adding another man to the house.

Admitting she’d never found out the sex of her babies before, Kimberley explained that Bobby and Cole had been pestering her daily to find out what the new baby would be. “They’re thrilled that they’re having another boy, of course,” she said last week.

While husband Justin has a daughter, Chloe, from a previous relationsh­ip, Kimberley did say it would have been a real shock had the baby been a girl, as those XY chromosome­s seem to run in the family.

“It felt right that it was a boy, because we’re going to have seven between us [her sister Sally is also pregnant with her fourth boy]. It’s a nice surprise that we’re basically going to have our own football team.”

And while joking that she was now, “so outnumbere­d”, the 39 year old admitted she would have been happy either way. “Honestly, at this stage, and at the age I’m at, I just want a healthy baby. It’s just such a relief,” she said. n

 ??  ?? Showing off her bump
Showing off her bump
 ??  ?? Room for another, guys?
Room for another, guys?

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