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Well, HELLO, former Mr President. We all know that being the leader of the free world can be a tad stressful at times – that’s why we’re so happy to see Barack kicking back a bit in his post-public service life. Honestly, he looks as if he’s turned the clock back 20 years since 2016.

Unlike some of his, er, more sedentary contempora­ries, Barack is a fitness enthusiast – as evidenced here by his excellent form on a paddleboar­d. He’s previously said he works out 45 minutes a day, six days a week, and whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it right. Seriously, the man is 59, for Pete’s sake.

While wife Michelle is one lucky ex-first Lady, we don’t begrudge her that good fortune one bit. After all, the pair of them are officially, now and forever, the coolest couple on the planet. We just wish we had more of them in our lives. It’s been a rough five years since Barack left the White House. And while we hated to see him leave, we love to watch him go.

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