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‘Cathy is frightened by the comments’

The troll becomes the trolled as Cathy finds out


When Cathy flippantly posted hurtful comments about Tracy online, little did she realise the fallout that would occur. Not only have many of her friends turned against her, but strangers are having a go too. When a wreath turns up for her at the kebab shop, things take a dark turn as actress Melanie Hill explains…

How does Cathy feel when she starts reading the vicious things being said about her?

She is terribly frightened by the comments and they also hacked into her email and found her contact details. It is just spiralling out of control. She is very aware of the pain that she caused by making the comment and now the knock-on effect of what is happening to everyone around her. The funeral wreath is like the last straw, she was sure it was Tracy and when she finds out it is not Tracy and the police get involved and it becomes too much for her to deal with.

A wreath is left outside the kebab shop, how does she feel about it?

She would never imagine it would have come to this and that is the message that the storyline is sending, think twice before you post something nasty that might upset somebody. Think about the person reading that message – it isn’t only about the first comment that Cathy makes, it is then about all the people wading in and making their own comments about Cathy.

Have you had any experience of people you know being trolled?

Sign Along With Us who were on BGT had an awful experience. I was supporting them on the show and they contacted me and other famous supporters asking for help as they were the victims of awful trolls. Christian had the most horrendous things said about him online. It was ironic that it was the week I was starting to film this and it really brought it home to me how important it was to get this message across. Social media has got so much power and it is scary.

Were you surprised when you found our Cathy was going to be an internet troll?

I felt it was interestin­g to have it start with a character like Cathy, not one of the more obviously outspoken nasty characters. This shows just how easy it is to become a troll and hurt people’s feelings, by just not thinking about what you are doing.

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“It’s your funeral”

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