Heat (UK)

The Great British Sewing Bee

BBC1, Wednesday 14 April, 9pm

- Kay Ribeiro

Time to enthusiast­ically dust off your sewing machine and figure out why it’s broken – as Sewing Bee returns to once again give us hope that with time, skill and, indeed, inclinatio­n, we could potentiall­y revamp our wardrobes. Joe Lycett welcomes a new batch of sewers to take on three challenges based on everyday wardrobe essentials, while judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young look on. For their first Pattern Challenge, the gang must create the simple and clean lines of a classic sleeveless blouse called a “shell top”. In the Transforma­tion Challenge, they have 90 mins to turn an old T-shirt into something brand new, and in the Made To Measure, they’ll have to create a well-fitting buffet dress for a real-life human. Good luck. HHHH

 ??  ?? The sew must go on
The sew must go on

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