Heat (UK)

The Best Things

- Kay Ribeiro

MEL GIEDROYC (HEADLINE, £12.99) The wonderful Mel Giedroyc of Mel and Sue fame has turned her hand to fiction and it’s a promising debut. Star-crossed sweetheart­s Sally and Frank fell in love when they were young and Frank had very little. Now, they live a life of luxury in Leatherhea­d with their three kids and Sally’s niece, and want for nothing. Only, when wheeler dealer Frank loses everything – his business, their home and savings – things start to unravel fast. Undomestic­ated Sally has to get her head out of the sand, ditch her best friend Valium, and think on her feet. But with a husband who is very, very tired and deluded, kids who all have their own issues, and “friends” who relish her downfall, will Sally be able to find her strength – and backbone – and save her family? With funny observatio­ns on Surrey life and plenty of heart, you’ll end up rooting for Sally all the way. ★★★★


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