Heat (UK)

Fear the Walking Dead

AMC, Monday 12 April, 2am/9pm

- Jason Arnopp

Here comes the second half of season six, or season six-b if you’re down with your TV season codes. In tonight’s episode, the ever-awesome Morgan (Lennie James, Line Of Duty) becomes increasing­ly bold in his attempts to free the remaining members of the group from the control of Pioneers leader Virginia (Colby Minifie, The Boys). This run of episodes will show us how Virginia’s control has changed each of her captives, as relationsh­ips fall apart and new alliances form. Meanwhile, Virginia grows desperate to find her sister and protect her settlement­s from forces both inside and outside her walls. HHHH

 ??  ?? Who are you calling a two-faced zombie?
Who are you calling a two-faced zombie?

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