Heat (UK)

Sequin In A Blue Room

Cert 18, 80 minutes, on digital from 12 April

- Charles Gant

Starring: Conor Leach, Simon Croker, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor Director: Samuel Van Grinsven

THE PLOT Promiscuou­s gay highschool student “Sequin” (Leach) has no interest in ever meeting again the older guys he encounters via a Grindr-like hook-up app. But after an anonymous sex party called Blue Room, he becomes obsessed with tracking down a man he met there. WHAT’S RIGHT WITH IT? First-time writer-director Van Grinsven impresses with this Australian coming-of-age drama about a 16 year old navigating the complicate­d world of desire. WHAT’S WRONG WITH IT? Rated 18 for sexual content, this unapologet­ically edgy film may not reach far beyond the niche audience that has already been embracing it at LGBTQ film festivals. VERDICT A confident debut from a fresh young talent. ★★★

 ??  ?? “Can’t wait for the sex parties to start again”
“Can’t wait for the sex parties to start again”

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