Heat (UK)

Bent Coppers: Crossing The Line Of Duty

Sky Crime/now, Wednesday 14 April, 9pm BBC2, Wednesday 14 April, 9pm

- Jason Arnopp Boyd Hilton

Rapper Ice-t presents this rather clumsilyti­tled series, which launches with the story of poet Jennifer Still, whose boyfriend Kevin found her dead in 1999. The 20 year old had been repeatedly stabbed and slashed. Investigat­ors discovered that the couple had been Dungeons & Dragons gamers. The case went unsolved for years, until a triple murder took place near Still’s home. HHH

In case you haven’t got the hint from the title, then yes, this film explores the kind of stories of police corruption seen in Line Of Duty. Featuring former cop Jackie Malton (above), the show takes us back to 1970s London, when gangsters ran illegal operations in Soho revolving around drugs and porn, unearthing the role dodgy cops played in the criminal underworld. HHHH

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“Mother of God…”
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