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The Beckhams didn’t let the pandemic stop their Easter hols

It seems the egg hunt took them all the way to the Caribbean


‘They are annoyed that they got papped’

Anyone else remember just how much celebs used to love showing us their holiday snaps PRE-COVID? The Beckhams were no exception, regularly sharing their Kodak moments with fans as they flew across the globe on their family vacays.

But we’re living in different times and – unsurprisi­ngly – A-listers are being far more economical with the truth when it comes to their jet-setting travel plans. So, really, we weren’t all that shocked to find out that David, Victoria and their four kids, Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 18, Cruz, 16, and nine-year-old Harper (plus their future daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz, 26) had celebrated their Easter holidays in the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos this year – despite it appearing to fans as if they’d stayed put at home in Miami. According to insiders, the family did their very best to keep the holiday on the down-low, which makes it all the more irritating that they still got papped. Seriously, where’s the justice in the world?

“Victoria and David had been hoping to keep the holiday off the radar,” says an insider close to the jet-setting couple, who refrained from making any mention of Turks and Caicos on Instagram, despite the fact that they posted a sun-kissed family photo and wished their fans a Happy Easter.

“They know how high frustratio­ns are in the UK, and how much criticism there is against the super-rich jetting off to more

convenient locations, so they didn’t want to antagonise people. They’d thought they could avoid being spotted at their very expensive resort, so they’re definitely a bit annoyed that they got papped.”

The family know too well just how delicate the issue of travel is during the pandemic. During the second lockdown last year, they landed themselves in hot water after it emerged that they’d been splitting their time between their Cotswolds estate and their London home, despite all UK households being advised to stay put in one residence. Then, they faced more criticism in December when they flew out to Miami on Christmas Day to avoid being locked down again in the UK – although travel was still permitted in tier 3, it wasn’t exactly the best PR for the family. They’ve said they’re based out there for the foreseeabl­e future, so that David can continue working with his football team Inter Miami. And while travel is permitted in the US, our source says they’re keen to show fans that they’re working hard, keeping things low-key and not flying off on non-essential vacays.

“They know that they’re in a lucky position being in Florida, where there are no restrictio­ns,” we’re told. “But they’re also aware of how bad it is back in the UK. Victoria, in particular, is mindful about getting a negative public response, and she really doesn’t want the family to become a target of hate because they’re living it up on the beach. But David’s more of the view that he works hard and he deserves time off to relax with his family.”

Still, while the family were papped from afar, we did get some clearer snapshots of their luxury holiday, thanks to a few loved-up pics posted by Brooklyn and his fiancée Nicola (who seemed to be suggesting they were on a romantic break for two). The couple were later spotted posing up a storm, as Brooklyn’s younger brother Cruz took photos of them kissing and cuddling. Anyone else reckon he drew the short straw on that one? n

 ??  ?? The family just really needed a break from beautiful sunny Miami
The family just really needed a break from beautiful sunny Miami
 ??  ?? “You ain’t seen me, right?”
“You ain’t seen me, right?”
 ??  ?? Don’t go overboard with the eggs there, David!
Bunny David and his little chick
They’re loved-up, OK?
Don’t go overboard with the eggs there, David! Bunny David and his little chick They’re loved-up, OK?

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