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Why Stacey Solomon has put her big day on hold

Here’s hoping they only paid the deposit


She’s been counting down the days until her July wedding, after the venue confirmed it could go ahead – excitedly talking dress ideas, embossed invitation­s and table decoration­s along the way. But Stacey Solomon’s been a busy bride-to-be over the past few weeks, and now that she, fiancé Joe Swash and the kids have moved into their dream home – dubbed “Pickle Cottage” – it seems their plans have changed. According to Stacey, they’re now desperate to get married in their two-and-a-half acre back garden – which would be a wonderful idea, if it weren’t for the fact that they don’t have a licence (meaning they may only be able to host a blessing and reception). Now, all plans are on hold until they find a solution – which means that Stacey’s plan to get married this summer is fading fast.

“Buying Pickle Cottage has been a dream come true for Stacey, but obviously, moving house is really stressful,” says an insider close to the mum of three. “Between moving, unpacking and sorting out the boys, plus launching her first fashion collection with In The Style, the wedding has been the last thing on her mind. She had booked a venue for July, but trying to organise that as well as the big house move and renovation­s was being a bit too ambitious in reality. And now she’s got her heart set on getting married in her garden – that’s all she wants.”

It’s certainly an about-turn for the star, who last month said that she and Joe were keen to get hitched as soon as the lockdown ban on weddings was lifted. “There are people in our lives

who we don’t think we will, unfortunat­ely, have much time left with. So, if worst comes to worst, and we can only have a wedding of six, then we will get married with those special people,” she has said.

But then came the surprise property purchase, and seeing as the queen of crafting loves a DIY project, she’s turned the bulk of her attention from bridal planning to house decorating. Appearing on Lorraine last week, she revealed that Pickle Cottage had changed her priorities and put a big fat question mark on the upcoming wedding. “So, we had a venue and then, obviously, we didn’t know we were going to move,” Stacey explained. “But then we saw the house and just thought, ‘Oh my god, let’s go for it.’ And now that we are here, we would actually really like to get married in the garden. So, we’re trying to see if we can do that, but we don’t know if we will be able to get a licence. So, the wedding planning is a bit on hold at the moment, because we don’t know exactly where or what we are going to do.”

According to our source, Stace would still love to get married this summer, but she’s now obsessed with the idea of having it in their family home, where there is a real emotional connection. Plus, she can do everything her way with all the little touches and details her fans adore. After all, this is a woman who loves to host – just look at her epic Easter celebratio­ns last week. “Having it at home means she could do so much more of it herself,” we’re told. “She was determined to get married this year, but she’s accepted that may have to be put off, because she has so much going on. She knows they’re unlikely to get a licence, but she can’t see them doing it anywhere else now.” n

‘The wedding has been the last thing on her mind’

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Wedding plans… now on hold

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