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Most of us wouldn’t be rejoicing over a poo explosion, but Kate Ferdinand was happy to share the gory pictures of a recent nappy disaster on Instagram last week. The 29 year old posted pictures of baby Cree on a changing table, as well as a particular­ly violentloo­king bowel movement from the three month old.

Alongside the pictures, Kate wrote, “I never thought I’d actually say I really enjoy changing Cree’s nappy. He is so happy when we do, it’s just so funny, he giggles and laughs the whole time!! Being a parent is funny – the things you thought you would dread you actually enjoy and the things you thought you wouldn’t mind you can sometimes dread.” She then added, “It’s not always pictureper­fect guys, you win some and you definitely get covered in poo for some.”

Kate and her husband Rio Ferdinand welcomed baby Cree at Christmas, and the former TOWIE star has been vocal about how difficult she has found being a parent to a newborn. She recently told fans, “I’m finally starting to slowly feel more like ‘me’ again, but it hasn’t been plain sailing.”

Admitting she wasn’t happy with her post-pregnancy body, she said, “In all honesty... I love that my body produced our baby BUT frankly, I don’t love my post-baby body. I miss feeling fit and strong!” But the fitness lover recently shared snaps of her back in the gym, working up a sweat, then following her session with a bacon sarnie. That’s our kind of workout. n

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 ??  ?? It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it
It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it
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You’re welcome to them!

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