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Khloé Kardashian’s shock plan following that pic

After unedited photo goes viral


‘She’s her own worst enemy sometimes’

Last week, a photo of Khloé Kardashian surfaced online. In the picture, she stands by a pool, wearing an impossibly tiny bikini, which shows the results of her intense exercise regime. Fans noticed that the star was looking far more natural than usual in the snap, and it became clear the image was unedited – a world away from the usual photos she posts.

Reports quickly emerged that the Kardashian­s were desperatel­y trying to track down the photo – which was taken by grandmothe­r MJ and shared in error by Khloé’s team – to remove any trace of t from the internet, which is why we’re also unable to publish it. And, while fans were thrilled to see a more “natural”looking Khloé, “Khloé has been in an absolute rage since the photo was leaked,” an insider close to the star reveals to heat. “The atmosphere in the family has been extremely tense, everyone is walking on eggshells around Khloé.”

Not long after the picture went viral, Khloé responded to the furore by posting a video of herself in just underwear writing, “Yes I did a live [video on Instagram] to show you all this isn’t Photoshopp­ed.” The 36-year-old mum of one wrote in a lengthy post that she has “struggled with body image her whole life”, and that she has as much a right as anyone else to ask for an image not to be shared. She also said, “I love a good filter, good lighting and an edit here and there,” adding that she chooses how to present herself to the world and “will continue to do [so] unapologet­ically”. Many fans commented to say how sad it was that a beautiful woman was so rattled by an unedited picture, but for the Kardashian­s, seeking perfection via surgery and photo retouching

is the norm. “Khloé really wants to look like she does when she is heavily filtered,” our source explains. “She’s called an emergency meeting with her surgeons to look at any treatments that will enhance her appearance. But her family are really worried she could get something done that she will regret. They feel as though she’s her own worst enemy and she just needs to be like the old Khloé, who wouldn’t give a f**k about any of this stuff. She was always the wild sister with the biggest personalit­y, but because of her insecuriti­es and heartache, she’s become so unsure of herself, always hiding behind Photoshop, Snapchat filters, or enhanced images of herself.”

The source adds, “Everyone feels like the real Khloé needs to step forward and embrace her true self.” n

 ??  ?? She did this livestream to show she wasn’t faking it with countless admiring comments, we’re told it put the reality star in a panic.
She did this livestream to show she wasn’t faking it with countless admiring comments, we’re told it put the reality star in a panic.
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Looking smooth
Looking smooth
 ??  ?? Oops

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