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Amanda Holden can’t stop getting busy with her husband, and Lisa Armstrong is getting serious with her new man

She’s Holden on to a ‘primal’ sex life


‘I’d encourage anyone to strip off for a cheeky bounce’

Look, it’s been a challengin­g year for couples and singletons alike – so, we’re hardly going to judge you if the friskiest thing you’ve done in the past few months is binge-watch Bridgerton. But, it turns out, there is at least one couple in the UK who’ve got a serious spring in their step. Step forward, Amanda Holden and her adoring husband Chris Hughes, who – you’ll be pleased to know – are still going at it like two howling foxes in the dead of night. Yes, according to Amanda, 50, she and Chris still have a “primal” sex life – which is good news for them, and potentiall­y a bit deafening for their neighbours.

“[Chris] can’t keep his hands off me,” Amanda said last week, as she opened up more than ever about her 12-year marriage to the music producer. “I actually tell him off, because I say, ‘I don’t want to have a kiss and grope while I’m trying to load the dishwasher.’ Crispy’s up for it any time. Always. So, it’s when I decide. Poor chap!”

Meanwhile, while we all know that Amanda loves pushing boundaries with her risqué outfits and flirty banter, she’s just as playful as her handsy hubs at home – and much more naked. According to her, it’s “par for the course” to find her wandering around the house in her birthday suit. Heck, she even recently cooked a whole roast dinner for the family while totally starkers (yes, potatoes, meat and a veggie option included), which really makes us worry about spitting oil and hot ovens.

But that’s nothing compared to Amanda and Chris’ most recent new-found hobby: naked trampolini­ng. The BGT judge said that Chris had recently dared her to a bounce in the buff on their kids’ trampoline, and she’d been only too happy to oblige, advising fans, “I would encourage anyone at home to strip off and have a cheeky bounce.”

That all sounds lovely, if not a little painful. But let’s hope they were dressed again before their daughters Lexi, 15, and nine-year-old Hollie got home from school. ■

 ??  ?? No 12-year itch here
No 12-year itch here
 ??  ?? Amanda takes a breather
Amanda takes a breather
 ??  ?? The kids are fine with it
The kids are fine with it

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