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We catch up with human dynamo Rylan Clark-neal

The TV presenter and all-round babe catches us up on the life of Rylan


‘If I can get a bottle of wine for a tenner, I’m all over it’

There is nothing better than hearing Rylan Clark-neal call you “babe” – even if it’s over Zoom. So, we jumped at the chance to find out how the 32-year-old presenter has been handling the latest lockdown, and what he and husband Dan have been doing to keep themselves busy…

Hi, Rylan – have you enjoyed finally being able to have friends in the garden again? I was lucky enough to have my brother-in-law’s kids over in the garden for Easter, which was nice. They popped over and did a little Easter egg hunt. It was really nice to actually be able to use the old rule of six.

And did the adults pop a few bottles of Prosecco to celebrate? Well, yeah. I mean, it’s only fair, right? You’ve teamed up with i heart wines, which seems a perfect match… I’ve always bought i heart wines’ Prosecco – and my sister-in-law is obsessed with it – but I’m not the biggest drinker. I’ll have a drink when people come over, but one of the main reasons I wanted to team up with them is the sheer fact that I’m very normal… and if I know I can get a nice bottle of wine or a nice bottle of Prosecco for under a tenner, I’m all over it.

Always relatable! And are we right in thinking that your pal Ruth Langsford is one of your favourite people to drink with? Oh, she loves it! Her and Claire from Steps. When she realised that I was doing this – Claire is queen of Prosecco, that’s what we call her – the second she knew I was doing this, she was like, “Does that mean I can get Prosecco from you now?” I was like, “Alright, love, maybe ring a helpline!” But yeah, definitely, whenever Ruth’s over, it is just me and Ruth and a glass of something. And that’s it. The mouth starts and we are just on one. We love it. Have you and Dan found any new TV obsessions over the latest lockdown? We watched all of Unforgotte­n and The Crown from the beginning. I’d never watched The Crown, which was strange, because when I was at Big Brother, The Crown was filming next door. We used to run around and break into Buckingham Palace! We were naughty! At the time it didn’t mean a lot, but now I’ve become obsessed. You’re a fab presenter on Strictly: It Takes Two – does this mean we’ll never see your Foxtrot as a contestant? I don’t think I could ever be a contestant now that I’ve been one of the presenters. I don’t think it’d be fair, and also I wouldn’t want to show up everyone, because obviously I’d be amazing. No, I love the show and I love dancing, don’t get me wrong. I feel like I’ve got the best of both worlds, because on It Takes Two, I can learn the moves, work with these amazing dancers and talk about a show I love watching. I get to be part of it without having to go through the 48 hours of training a week. n Rylan is working with greattasti­ng and expertly simple wine brand i heart Wines. Visit iheartwine­s.co.uk

 ??  ?? “It’s a party, babe”
With his #1 drinking buddy Ruth (plus Eamonn)
“It’s a party, babe” With his #1 drinking buddy Ruth (plus Eamonn)
 ??  ?? Rylan: king of tellyboxes everywhere
Presenting Celeb BB
With husband Dan on This Morning
With “queen of Prosecco” Claire from Steps
Rylan: king of tellyboxes everywhere Presenting Celeb BB With husband Dan on This Morning With “queen of Prosecco” Claire from Steps
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