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Emily Atack gives us her self-care secrets

‘I love cooking as much as I love food’


What is your skincare regime?

I never took skincare seriously until I hit my thirties. I love Tropic products, because they are natural and cruelty-free – it just feels as though I am feeding my skin with goodness.

How have you stayed healthy during lockdown?

Not many positives came out of lockdown, but with the pubs and restaurant­s shut, it meant I wasn’t drinking or eating as much as I normally do. I did knock back more wine than usual at the beginning, but then I was determined to eat healthily and

not rely on any takeaways.

What’s your favourite way to look after yourself?

I’m a bit of a scatty person, but I love cooking as much as I love food. I have found escapism via Instagram and looking at food pictures. Quick, easy recipes are right up my street. I have been working with Elmlea on a campaign and have discovered my favourite food ever: cauliflowe­r cheese.

How have you kept your mental health in check?

I’m generally upbeat, but I made sure that I put on make-up every day, just to make myself feel good. I mean, you never know, a visit to my local Tesco and I could bump into someone like Brad Pitt! And I also didn’t sit around in my pyjamas all day. I called my dressing gown a depressing gown, and felt it was very important for my mental health to get dressed each day to give me some form of structure.

What is your biggest health tip?

Drink water. I drink two litres a day, and I may be needing the toilet more, but my skin has never been better.

What are you most looking forward to about “normal life”?

I cannot believe I’m saying this, but the things I hated so much, I now can’t wait to embrace again. My alarm clock on an early wake-up call, the Tube… bring it on!

Elmlea has partnered with Emily to create a series of easy recipes. Find them at Elmlea.com/recipes/easter

 ??  ?? Drinking a green shake
Showing off a home-cooked meal
Drinking a green shake Showing off a home-cooked meal
 ??  ?? FYI, the wine is for Emily, not the puppy
FYI, the wine is for Emily, not the puppy
 ??  ??

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