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We’ve tried and tasted all the best picnic-worthy drinks

All the bevs you need at your next picnic or garden get-together


The Palm Rose by Whispering Angel, The Bottle Club (Thebottlec­lub.com),

£15.90 Nothing says sun like a glass of rosé, and this Whispering Angel buy is bursting with summer notes, including watermelon, berries and pink blossom. Light and smooth, this is dangerousl­y downable, and we’ll be keeping the pretty bottle, too.

2. Miami Cocktail Margarita Spritz, Revl.co.uk, £11.95 for pack of four

Canned cocktails can have a sickly, artificial taste, but these are a pretty close match to something you’d mix up at home. Made with organic ingredient­s, they’re light, refreshing and low-cal. Other flavours include bellini, sangria and mimosa spritz, which are all worth a try, too.

3. Lo Bros Kombucha Blueberry Lemonade, Sainsbury’s, £2.25

This living drink contains healthy bacteria for your gut, so you can knock it back knowing it’s good for you. It has a little fizz, which makes it feel special, but we found the blueberry flavour a bit much after a while. It also contains hemp CBD, helping you to stay calm even if the kids are running riot in the park.

4. Franklin & Sons Rhubarb Lemonade, Goodtimein.co.uk, £9 for pack of 12

Like rhubarb and custard, this is lovely and sweet, and it smelled amazing when we cracked it open. The rhubarb flavour was authentic, thanks to the real fruit juice, and the lemon juice wasn’t bitter or overwhelmi­ng. It also had just the right amount of light bubbles for a day in the sun. A solid effort.

5. Hooch Pink Alcoholic Raspberry Lemonade, Tesco, £2.85

The vibrant pink colour is really inviting and smells just like raspberrie­s when you pop the lid. It’s lightly carbonated, so you’re not completely full of gas after a few sips, but the raspberry flavour was minimal compared to what the smell suggested, and there was a not-madlypleas­ant aftertaste. HHH 6. Ginato Pinot Grigio Italian Gin,the Bottle Club (Thebottlec­lub.com), £29.89 Can’t choose between a glass of wine or a G&T? Now, you don’t have to! In a cool Italian-branded bottle, the mix of white grapes with classic gin botanicals creates a lighter tipple that is perfect for sunnier days. It tastes great with tonic or as a spritzer for the authentic Italian experience.

7. Dash Bitter Orange & Grapefruit Soda Water, Dash-water.com, £11.99 for pack of 12

Totally refreshing and light on bubbles, the tangy orange is mellow and finishes on a sweet grapefruit flavour that isn’t overpoweri­ng. It also contains no sugar or sweeteners. This would be ace with your favourite gin, but even on its own, we nailed the whole can in minutes.

8. Bottlegree­n Juicy Bramble Cordial, Sainsbury’s, £3.40

Kids will love the Fruittella­style flavours of apple, blackberry, sloe berry and elderflowe­r mixed with sparkling water. We big people can add it to spirits or prosecco for some berry sweetness. It’s so good, we’re already on our second bottle.

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