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The one where Jen gets the fear

Could she be more worried about the reunion?


They say good things come to those that wait – so, needless to say, our expectatio­ns are through the roof for the highly anticipate­d Friends reunion. But apparently, there’s at least one person out there who’s not feeling quite so confident… step forward, Jennifer Aniston. According to insiders, the actress is worried that the one-off special might not live up to fans’ gargantuan expectatio­ns – and that viewers will inevitably criticise her the most if it’s a big flop.

“Jen is probably the most nervous of all the cast because, rightly or wrongly, the pressure and spotlight will inevitably be directed at her,” says an insider close to the star, who – alongside her five former castmates – is rumoured to be raking in over $2m for the reunion. “The endless delays [filming was held up for a year due to the pandemic] have only added to the tension and pressure, and she’s worried that it will be her who gets hammered by critics if any of them come across as dry or awkward on the panel.”

Last month, David Schwimmer caused huge excitement after confirming he’d be flying out to LA in a matter of weeks to film the special, which means it could be happening as we speak. Soon after, the show’s former set designer Greg Gande caused an internet meltdown after posting a picture of Monica’s apartment looking just like it did back in 2004, alongside the caption, “Ssssh, something’s happening, déjà vu… coming alive once again.”

So, yes, it’s fair to say that our interest, excitement and total utter impatience is at an all-time high. No pressure, Jen… promise. n

 ??  ?? She’s anxious it won’t be her day, her week, her month or even her year…
She’s anxious it won’t be her day, her week, her month or even her year…
 ??  ?? Teasing us back in 2019
Teasing us back in 2019
 ??  ?? It just needs some Friends
It just needs some Friends

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