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‘Gemma has been secretly encouragin­g Arg’

There’s a new crop-top queen in town! Last week, Gemma Collins showed off the results of her recent fitness kick, strolling through central London looking amazing in a tracksuit. The 40 year old has been documentin­g her progress on Instagram – she has apparently lost 3st – and recently told her followers how much she’s enjoying the “new” GC.

“I’ve taken so many brave steps recently, absolutely petrified at times to make changes, but I’m loving the WOMAN I’m becoming,” the reality star wrote. And a source close to Gemma tells us that she’s been an inspiratio­n to on/off boyfriend James “Arg” Argent, who is also trying to lose weight. “Recently, Arg has been spurred on by seeing Gem’s weight loss, and has vowed to battle his bulge so that he can feel confident enough to stand by her. But some of his friends fear he’s giving himself an unrealisti­c goal, and it would be healthier for him to do it at his own pace, rather than worrying about his relationsh­ip with Gem.”

Our source adds, “Gemma has been secretly encouragin­g Arg and sharing some of her weight-loss tips with him after he reached out – she wants the best for him and she’s been inspiring him with her progress.”

Arg has struggled with his weight for years, but after creeping up to 27st during lockdown, the 33 year old revealed that doctors had told him his health was in danger. He’s booked in for gastric sleeve surgery “in the near future”, but for now, it seems a potential reunion with Gemma is helping to motivate him.

“Arg would be lying if he said hearing Gem pay him compliment­s doesn’t give him a little boost,” our insider reveals. “His dream is to be able to get trim and back on course, and for them to both be much slimmer when they reunite. Arg has said that he can’t face meeting with Gem right now while he’s still working on himself and she’s looking so great. But it is encouragin­g him to speed things up a little. Gem has made it clear that she’s not ruling out getting back together, either. As far as she’s concerned, as long as Arg is following a healthy diet and a daily exercise routine, it’s going to do wonders for him both inside and out, and dramatical­ly improve his mental health.”

Though it looks like Arg might have competitio­n for Gemma’s affections. Last week, she revealed she’d become a “horse mummy” to two miniature ponies, who are now living with her at her Essex countrysid­e estate. Cute! n

 ??  ?? Arg wants to lose more weight before he sees Gem
Treat yourself to a miniature pony, babes
Arg wants to lose more weight before he sees Gem Treat yourself to a miniature pony, babes
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Gem’s been working out at her Essex home
Gem’s been working out at her Essex home

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