Heat (UK)

Catfish UK

MTV, Wednesday 21 April, 9pm

- Jason Arnopp

Julie Adenuga and Oobah Butler (jointly known via the hashtag #Ooblie, which may or may not catch on) host this new four-part UK version of the American “reality-based documentar­y series”. Interestin­gly, that US series was based on a 2010 docu-film titled Catfish, which has itself been credited with coining the term “catfish”. The new UK show sets out to distinguis­h between marriage material and deceitful catfish in the world of online dating, where deepfake images and videos are on the rise. The intrepid Adenuga and Butler will follow the real-life relationsh­ips of people who have never met their partner in person, and piece together the facts to reveal the reality. When the face-to-face meeting happens, of course, the results won’t be pretty. ★★★★

 ??  ?? Investigat­ing the murky waters of online dating
Investigat­ing the murky waters of online dating

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