Heat (UK)

Lucy The Human Chimp

Channel 4, Monday 19 April, 9pm

- Jason Arnopp

This documentar­y tells the stories of a female chimpanzee called Lucy, who was raised as a human, and young student Janis Carter, who helped give her freedom. In 1960s suburban America, Lucy was raised as a human from two days old, as part of an experiment run by psychologi­sts from the University of Oklahoma. By the age of 11, though, Lucy was too strong to be kept by her human family. Several wrecked kitchens later (we imagine), a plan was made to take her to Africa, where she would be taught to be a wild chimp. Janis, who had befriended Lucy, went along and ended up living with Lucy on a remote island for over six years.

 ??  ?? Chimp: “I can’t take you anywhere”
Chimp: “I can’t take you anywhere”

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