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Willy’s Wonderland

DVD/BLU-RAY, OUT MONDAY 19 APRIL Following on from the likes of Mandy and Color Out Of Space, this is another typically bizarre vehicle for the talents of Nicolas Cage. His character, The Janitor, gets stranded in a remote town in a car that won’t work and he has no way to pay the local repair shop. So, he agrees to spend the night in an abandoned theme park full of animatroni­c characters, which obviously come to life and start terrorisin­g him.

County Lines

DVD/BLU-RAY, OUT MONDAY 19 APRIL Powerful British Indie film from writer-director Henry Blake, in which fatherless London 14-year-old Tyler (Conrad Khan) starts working for a local drug dealer (Harris Dickinson), which involves taking trips to seaside towns to supply the locals. But this inevitably makes him a target for rival gangs and crims. It’s a tough, heart-breaking story with totally authentic performanc­es from the young leads.

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Giving us the willies
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Gritty dramz
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