Heat (UK)

True Mothers

Cert 12, 140 minutes, on Curzon Home Cinema from 16 April

- Charles Gant

Starring: Aju Makita, Hiromi Nagasaku, Arata Iura Director: Naomi Kawase

THE PLOT Japanese couple Satoko and Kiyokazu turn to an adoption agency when they face fertility challenges. Their contented life with their four-year-old son is disturbed when they’re contacted by a woman claiming to be the boy’s birth mother… WHAT’S RIGHT WITH IT? Adapted from a novel by Mizuki Tsujimura, True Mothers succeeds with an unconventi­onal structure – suddenly switching its focus to schoolgirl Hikari (Makita), who is forced to give up her baby – that somehow makes the drama richer. WHAT’S WRONG WITH IT? At two hours and 20 minutes, it’s indulgentl­y paced. VERDICT Japan’s official entry to this year’s Oscars finds its true heart in the story of a pregnant teen. HHH

 ??  ?? Enjoy the baby bubble while you can!
Enjoy the baby bubble while you can!

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