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The all-seeing Jan Jacques tells you what the stars have in store this week


Tuesday 6 - Monday 12 April

20 Mar-19 Apr

It’s best to avoid a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent this week. Remember this as a work situation may briefly overheat, and you could really do without the extra hassle. Meanwhile, a marvellous Mars aspect strengthen­s your resolve to make a change. LUCKY DECISION: To stay cool

TAURUS 20 Apr-20 May

Time for that terrier-like tenacity. With cosmic momentum behind you, you can chase an adventurou­s work idea, but you need to make a start – and soon. Health-wise breathing exercises will make a big impact on your relaxation. LUCKY GIFTS: Imaginatio­n, applicatio­n

GEMINI 21 May-20 Jun

Your inner strength and independen­ce should soon increase. But twin types can’t do it all alone, and this week, getting guidance work-wise is definitely a smart move – set your pride aside. Elsewhere, buying some new clothes may give you inordinate joy right now. LUCKY MODE: Always listening

CANCER 21 Jun-22 Jul

A good deed may benefit you as much as the person you support. Be guided by your kind heart – it may help pull you out of a rut. Work-wise, the Sun’s shift into your career house over the next seven days signals a big step forward. Exciting times ahead. LUCKY SONG: The Cure by Lady Gaga

23 Jul-23 Aug

The harder you work, the luckier you seem to get, and your money planet Mercury’s shift into your career house sparks more good fortune. But there may be a risk factor, so do your homework. Health-wise, pay attention to your teeth this week. LUCKY MINDSET: Tenacious

VIRGO 24 Aug-23 Sep

It’s magical what the mysterious 8th house can do – and yours is mighty strong at the moment. It may help you accept a tricky truth, letting you move forward, so keep an open mind. Meanwhile, a pal struggling with a dilemma needs your listening ear. LUCKY CERTAINTY: Progress

LIBRA 23 Sep-22 Oct

Is anyone immune to this magic spell you cast? Your strong 7th house and love planet Mars’ aspect are creating animal magnetism – and a wild week for lovers. On the health front, you may have to work a bit harder to stay hydrated right now. LUCKY GIFT: Bewitchery

SCORPIO 23 Oct-21 Nov

A wonderful waxing moon gives you a second bite of the cherry if you have delayed something. Crack on, though, as conditions may not be so helpful later. Meanwhile, a chatty someone may be hiding their feelings for you. LUCKY MANTRA: No hesitation

SAGITTARIU­S 22 Nov- 21 Dec

You’re selfless enough to give kudos to an undeservin­g someone. Your generosity may not be acknowledg­ed, but it will be noted. Health-wise, short-term planets may briefly sap your energy, but fret not – you’ll be at your bouncy best by next week. LUCKY VIRTUE: Compassion

CAPRICORN 22 Dec-19 Jan

You’ve been given another shot at something – make it your best one and don’t hesitate. Planetary momentum is perfect, but this won’t last forever, so move it or lose it, Capricorn. Meanwhile, just the prospect of reconnecti­ng with someone should thrill you. LUCKY AIM: Right on target

AQUARIUS 20 Jan-18 Feb

Your people skills are at their finest this week. A powerful 3rd house helps work progress and is a relationsh­ip boost – you can really talk to your partner. This is healthy for both of you, so don’t hold back. Elsewhere, you deserve a bit of guilty pleasure. LUCKY SOUND: Chatter

PISCES 19 Feb-19 Mar

Few folk are as gifted as you at reading others. So, be crystal clear in all your dealings this week – sometimes you just have to spell it out. Elsewhere, a fab Mercury aspect signals a sweet surprise, possibly a promise or pressie. LUCKY VIBE: Clarity


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