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We now know who he would pick in his Blind Date line-up


After a series of successful revivals like Gladiators on BBC, TV bosses have been rifling through the archives to see what other hit shows they can dig up from the past. And while it has previously been revived – with the late Paul O’grady in 2017 – one such show could be Blind Date, the popular dating game show hosted by Cilla Black in the 1980s and ’90s.

Top TV producer – and Mr Holly Willoughby – Dan Baldwin, 49, who is responsibl­e for the latest Gladiators series, certainly wants to see it back on our screens. Speaking to Claudia Winkleman, 52, on BBC Radio 4 recently, he said, “Are we ready for that? What a Saturday night that was. I’m thinking Blind Date with Claudia Winkleman on BBC1. How about it?”

While this is all hypothetic­al for now, fans were quick to jump on Dan’s comment. Not because they think it’s a bad idea, but because they can’t believe he didn’t suggest Holly for the job, especially as Holly’s already got experience filling Cilla Black’s shoes, having hosted the reboot of Surprise Surprise on ITV between 2012 and 2015. One person wrote online, “Dan’s not asked his wife? Wow”, while another commented, “Holly Willoughby not going to present the show?”

While it might seem like an oversight on Dan’s part, it’s likely the TV power couple have already discussed the idea. After all, Dan can’t put Holly in everything, plus they may not want to work in each other’s pockets. Not only that, but since Holly stepped down from her role on This Morning last October, she appears to be venturing in a new direction – hosting Bear Grylls’ new reality competitio­n Bear Hunt on Netflix is a far cry from the ITV sofa she’s used to.

As one source previously heat, “Holly’s hope has been to show viewers that she can do other things, rather than what they have already seen her do.” And friends agree that, while she and Dan are both extremely successful in their respective roles, keeping their work and home life separate is good for them, with another source saying, “Friends have suggested she and Dan work on separate projects and just support one another emotionall­y.” ■

 ?? ?? They prefer to watch TV together, rather than work in TV together
They prefer to watch TV together, rather than work in TV together
 ?? ?? Holly hosted Surprise Surprise
Holly hosted Surprise Surprise
 ?? ?? Claudia: ideal Blind Date?
Claudia: ideal Blind Date?
 ?? ?? “Ivote Claudia,too!”
“Ivote Claudia,too!”
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