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Green space review

- Andy Galloway andrew.galloway@newsquest.co.uk

A REVIEW of the green belt around Helensburg­h and Lomond has been called for by council bosses as part of plans for the area’s ‘strategic growth’.

A new report says that Helensburg­h and Lomond is one of the two parts of Argyll and Bute seen as key to reversing decades of population decline across the area.

But the document says that opportunit­ies for sustainabl­e growth in Helensburg­h and the surroundin­g area are “potentiall­y limited” by the green belt’s current boundaries and that it will need to be reviewed in future in order to plan for future developmen­t and infrastruc­ture over the next 20-40 years.

The ‘green belt’ designatio­n is a planning tool aimed at preventing urban sprawl by acting as a buffer between towns, and between towns and the countrysid­e.

The report was presented to members of Argyll and Bute Council’s planning, protective services and licensing committee on Wednesday, January 24 with the aim of providing an update on work being carried out to create

‘strategic developmen­t frameworks’ – one of which covers Helensburg­h and Lomond.

Those frameworks have been identified in the council’s new local developmen­t plan, known as LDP2 isexpected to be submitted to Scottish ministers for formal approval later this year.

Executive director Kirsty Flanagan said: “LDP2 identifies commitment­s to produce Strategic Developmen­t Frameworks which

will plan for future developmen­t over a 20-40 year time period.

“Production of these is a complex task, but is essential to delivering planned infrastruc­ture investment, land release, and the resultant growth. It will also be a key part of addressing the housing emergency.

“LDP2 identifies Helensburg­h and Lomond as a growth area in the spatial strategy. It identifies the developmen­t of HMNB

Clyde as the UK’s single submarine base, and resultant increase in around 1,700 naval staff and their families, as well as the associated opportunit­ies in civilian constructi­on projects and supply chain, servicing and support businesses.

“LDP2 also identifies the proximity and connectivi­ty of the area to Glasgow and the central belt coupled with its high quality environmen­t as an attractive location for commuters and growth in tourism.

“However, it also recognises that opportunit­ies for sustainabl­e growth are potentiall­y limited by the green belt which was establishe­d to contain the expansion of settlement­s and retain their landscape setting and that it is anticipate­d that the green belt will come under pressure in the future as the population and employment opportunit­ies increase.

“LDP2 sets out that whilst an immediate review of the green belt is not required, due to there being sufficient developmen­t identified within the plan, there is a need to consider how Helensburg­h and Lomond can develop over a 20-40 year period in order to plan for investment and infrastruc­ture considered alongside the need to review the green belt.”

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Helensburg­h Image: Claire Somerville/Helensburg­h Advertiser Camera Club

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