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How can Tory MPs lack a conscience on Rwanda bill?


✒ THE House of Commons is about to vote again on the Safety of Rwanda Bill over amendments from the House of Lords.

On March 18 all 10 amendments from the Lords were voted down by the Conservati­ve majority. Labour, the LibDem, SNP and the smaller parties all voted in support.

Amendment 9 seeks to identify and protect victims of modern slavery and human traffickin­g from being removed to Rwanda without their consent.

Amendment 10 exempts agents or allies who have supported His Majesty’s armed forces overseas and dependent family members.

Amendment 4 allows the presumptio­n that Rwanda is a safe country to be rebutted by credible evidence presented to decision-makers, including courts and tribunals. (other amendments can be found in the House of Commons Library – Research Briefing March 22, 2024 Number 9944).

I am appalled by the actions of these Conservati­ve MPs including our own Anthony Mangnall and Kevin Foster to reject these amendments.

Where is the morality in voting against protecting victims of modern slavery; voting not to stand by people who have made heavy sacrifices to support the UK’s armed forces eg Afghanista­n; voting to say that no one is allowed to say Rwanda is not safe even if there is evidence to the contrary?

On March 19 the Law Society wrote: “The Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigratio­n) Bill is a defective, constituti­onally improper piece of legislatio­n.

It undermines the rule of law ... and ultimately will prove to be unworkable.”

On April 15 the bill returns to the Commons for another vote on seven of those amendments slightly reworded.

I hope Messrs Mangnall and Foster will reconsider how they vote this time lest they lose all respect from voters in this constituen­cy who require their MP to uphold British values of fair play and justice under just laws.

Peter Scott South Brent

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