Out-of-touch mi­nor­ity is in de­cline

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THERE are many right-wingers who try to re­cruit “us”, an im­plied ma­jor­ity, to their cause, which is an ab­hor­rence of the ten­dency of a “lib­eral es­tab­lish­ment” to pro­mote and favour the rights of mi­nori­ties, be they na­tional, re­li­gious, ra­cial, sex­ual or politico- eco­nomic, over and above the rights of the rest - or “us”.

They feel hard-done-by, re­sent­ful, ne­glected and left be­hind. By ap­peal­ing to “us” they ex­pect pity, sym­pa­thy and - most of all - a head nod­ding, ta­ble-thump­ing cry of YES, WE AGREE! - be­cause they ex­pect “us” to awaken from our slum­bers and iden­tify our­selves with them.

Four things need to be said in re­sponse. Firstly, it is a proven fact that mi­nori­ties have suf­fered and still suf­fer dis­crim­i­na­tion. Sec­ondly, to pro­tect the rights of mi­nori­ties is not only de­sir­able but es­sen­tial in any coun­try wish­ing to be thought lib­eral, tol­er­ant and demo­cratic.

Thirdly, to pro­tect the rights of my neigh­bour does not di­min­ish mine but strength­ens them.

Fourthly, their con­cept of “us” needs to be scru­ti­nized.

What th­ese peo­ple fail to re­al­ize is that they too are a mi­nor­ity, al­beit a size­able one: pre­dom­i­nantly male, white, mid­dleaged, (lower) mid­dle class, con­ser­va­tive, Brexit-in­clined and Daily Mail/Ex­press read­ing. It is a mi­nor­ity in de­cline, be­wil­dered and out of touch with a Bri­tain un­der­go­ing (rapid) cul­tural, ra­cial, tech­no­log­i­cal and po­lit­i­cal change - as it has al­ways done since the Ro­mans in­vaded.

John Payne

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