Time to get a grip on the sit­u­a­tion in English Chan­nel

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IF ever you wanted to lis­ten to a load of po­lit­i­cal clap­trap, then nowhere bet­ter could you search than among the eu­phemistic ram­blings of Sa­jid Javid, home sec­re­tary, with re­spect to the gov­ern­ment’s em­bar­rass­ment over the mi­grants pour­ing into Kent. For he high­lights the dangers faced by these mi­grants in cross­ing the chan­nel, par­tic­u­larly since there are very busy ship­ping lanes; in his words, sav­ing lives.

Well the peo­ple of Dover and Folke­stone, in the main, seem to be rather at vari­ance since they are fed up with these un­known quan­ti­ties from Iran and so on dump­ing them­selves on their doorsteps. And what’s more, the local con­ser­va­tive MP seems to be so aware of these local frus­tra­tions that I reckon he fears for his seat.

Some of those risk­ing the cross­ing, though I imag­ine very few, will be seek­ing asy­lum for gen­uine rea­sons whilst the ma­jor­ity I as­sume will be an un­known quan­tity of eco­nomic mi­grants.

For good­ness sake we have” thou­sands of our own” home­less on the streets, and ac­tu­ally dy­ing in these cir­cum­stances. So how is it we can so read­ily feed and home, even tem­po­rar­ily, these for­eign­ers? Char­ity be­gins at home. No won­der the elec­torate at large are so dis­il­lu­sioned with West­min­ster.

Fi­nally, we know the so called soft touch brigade will be up in arms at such com­ments, but they seem to show an al­most to­tally dis­re­gard for the money fac­tor yet all we have heard from the gov­ern­ment in re­cent years is aus­ter­ity in terms of cuts, cuts and more cuts. For good­ness sake get a hold on these chan­nel cross­ings and cut them! David Abbott Stoke Gold­ing

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