Or­gan­i­sa­tion and tac­tics

East­ern Europe was the bat­tle­ground for many dif­fer­ent highly skilled war­riors

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Drawn from di­verse cul­tures, the mounted war­riors of the Teu­tonic Or­der, the Mon­gols, the Rus­sian druzhina and the Cu­mans fought in their na­tive styles against each other and other op­po­nents. The Mon­gols and Cu­mans re­lied mainly on archery and mo­bil­ity, while the Teu­tonic Knights and druzhina were pri­mar­ily heavy ar­moured cav­alry.

LEFT: A de­pic­tion of Mon­gol ar­mour in the 14th cen­tury. Heav­ily ar­moured Mon­gol cav­alry com­pelled en­emy forces to stay close to­gether, mak­ing them easy tar­gets for theMon­gol horse archers LEFT: Knights of the Teu­tonic Or­der were heav­ily armed and ar­moured, and were clad in a dis­tinc­tive sur­coat of white with a black cross

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